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See how you could save on small pet vitamins and supplements when you order at Pet Prescription.

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  1. You save 33%
    Carbodote Oral Suspension - Charcoal for Dogs and Cats 4664
  2. You save 11%
    F10 Products Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide 1663
  3. You save 6%
    Emeraid Critical Care - Carnivore
  4. You save 43%
    Panacur Rabbit Paste 1553
    Panacur Rabbit Paste
    SRP £10.20
    Save £4.44
  5. You save 32%
    Protexin Fibreplex Rabbits & Small Pets 1381
    Protexin Fibreplex Rabbits & Small Pets
    SRP £12.43
    Save £4.01
  6. You save 32%
    Protexin Bio-Lapis for Rabbits 2660
    Protexin Bio-Lapis for Rabbits
    SRP £11.16
    Save £3.59
  7. You save 25%
    Prinovox Spot On Small Cat & Ferret (Up To 4kg) 9661
  8. You save 49%
    Rearguard 10002
    SRP £49.78
    Save £24.60
  9. You save 27%
    Vitamin E 100mg 2057
    Vitamin E 100mg
    SRP £13.00
    Save £3.51
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Small Pet Vitamins and Supplements

Sometimes, your small pet will benefit from a vitamin or supplement treatment. Whether that’s for general wellbeing, digestion or post-op recuperation.

Pet Prescription is delighted to be able to offer the same vitamins and supplements your veterinary surgery would recommend, but at a much lower cost.

So, if your small pet has a short, or long-term condition, which means they would benefit from some extra help with vitamin intake, start shopping today.

Your order will usually reach you within 2 working days, and if you spend over £39 and is light, then it be delivered free of charge.