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Caninsulin VetPen Starter Pack

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Caninsulin VetPen Starter Pack is a handy travel pouch which contains a VetPen, 28 x needles, needle remover, dose selector adaptor and release button extension.
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Product Details

Vet Pen is a breakthrough device for diabetes control. Vet Pen is designed to make giving insulin injections to your dog or cat easier, quicker and more accurate. The pen is a convenient alternative for people who are uncomfortable with, or dislike using, syringes.

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The pen uses cartridges, meaning you do not need to draw up insulin from an individual vial, and it also comes with a carry case this makes it much easier to inject your diabetic dog or cat with insulin when you are away from home. The Vet Pen has a precision dial to help you administer an accurate dose of insulin every time. The dial also makes the insulin dose easy to change. The design of this pen makes it easy to handle and it is particularly beneficial for pet owners with unsteady hands, poor eyesight or arthritis.

By having the insulin contained within a cartridge inside a sturdy pen it reduces the chances of any insulin spillages or breakages. The cartridges also contain mixing balls to ensure consistent dosing, and help to remove any problems with air bubbles which can lead to incorrect dosage when using the vials.

Needles are attached to the Vet Pen before injection. Each needle is very fine, making insulin injection easy and painless. Needles are disposable: each one should only be used once Special Instructions Dose Caninsulin should be administered once or twice daily as prescribed, by injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection).

Before used the first time the vial should be shaken thoroughly until a uniformly milky suspension is obtained. Before the product is administered owners should have a box of powdered glucose or some honey at home.

Signs of hunger, increasing anxiety, unstable locomotion, muscle twitching, stumbling and disorientation indicate progression of hypoglycemia, and glucose and food should be administered restore blood glucose levels. Accidental self-injection can provoke clinical signs of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar); if this occurs seek medical advice.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"If your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, it can be tricky to administer insulin to begin with. This starter pack should help make life easier. This should only be used with Caninsulin - which is not included in the pack. Choose from a large or small pen."