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YuDIGEST is a digestive supplement used to support digestive health, maintain stool solidity and increase good bacteria in the digestive tract.
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YuDIGEST Dogs is a daily probiotic/prebiotic complex ideal for dogs and cats with a sensitive stomach. It has been designed to support the natural balance in your pet's digestive system to create a healthy digestive system, promoting good bacteria. It also helps to keep stools firm and reduce excess wind.

YuDIGEST contains high levels of Lintbells' unique BioActiv complex: three natural prebiotics that block bad bacteria and feed good bacteria. The BioActiv complex boosts the natural population of health-protecting good bacteria in your pets digestive system. They compete with bad bacteria for nutrients and block points where pathogens try to attach.

What our vet says

"Has your dog got a sensitive tummy? YuDIGEST will help with overall digestive help, keeping stools firm and reducing wind. Check the weight of your dog and give from 1 to 4 tablets as a treat or with their food. You can choose from 60, 100 or 300 tablet packs."