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YuCALM Dog is a new triple-action calming supplement for dogs that are nervous or in stressful situations.
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Product Details

YuCALM Dog is a new triple-action calming supplement for dogs.&nbsp; Ideal for dogs who have separation anxiety, travel and general stress. These can also be used in the run up to holidays were stress can be heightened with fireworks, crowds of people and noise. The scientifically proven natural ingredients support natural calming pathways in the brain. This is available in 30, 60 and 120 tablet packs.</p><p>Feeding Guide:<br/>-Very small dogs: (Up to 7kg): 1/2 tablet<br/>&nbsp;-Small dogs (8 - 15kg): 1 tablet<br/>&nbsp;-Medium dogs (16 - 30kg): 2 tablets<br/>&nbsp;-Large dogs (31 - 45kg): 3 tablets<br/>&nbsp;-Very large dogs (over 45kg): 4 tablets<br/>Ingredients: Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, Fish protein hydrolysate, B vitamins.</p><p>Not suitable for pregnant bitches. If your dog has a long term condition (eg hyperthyroidism, epilepsy etc) please consult your vet before using YuCALM

What our vet says

What our vet says
"YuCALM is a natural treatment for dogs who are stressed or nervous. How do you now if your dog is stressed? They might pant when they aren't thirsty, hide, tuck their tail, become destructive or bark excessively. Do try to understand your dogs body language and triggers, and see if YuCALM helps. Avaialbe in 30, 60 or 120 tablets."