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Xeno 450

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Xeno 450 is a spot on treatment for internal and external parasites commonly found in rabbits, ferrets, birds and guinea pigs.
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Xeno 450 is a spot on treatment containing an endectocide called Ivermectin which kills internal (endoparasites) and external parasites (ectoparasites) such as mites, roundworm and lice.

Xeno 450 is suitable for use on rabbits, ferrets, birds and guinea pigs that weigh over 800g.

Xeno 450 is effective against the parasites which commonly cause ear problems in rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs, mange in guinea pigs, the condition known as walking dandruff in rabbits and feather problems in birds.

Do not overdose. Do not use on animals under 16 weeks of age. Do not use in animals other than those indicated.

What our vet says

"Our customers really rate this. For small pets with an infestation, or to prevent one, this is a good choice. Always read the instructions really carefully first. And remember never to eat eggs from a bird treated with Xeno 450."