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Virbac Toothpaste Kit

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Virbac Toothpaste Kit

Virbac's CET Enzymatic Toothpaste kit contains the dual-enzyme formulated toothpaste, double ended brush and finger brush for natural antibacterial protection for your dogs and cats.
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Cats Toothpaste Kit comes in a palatable fish flavour.
Ingredients: 43g Fish flavoured Toothpaste, Fingerbrush, Cat Toothbrush and guide to oral hygiene.

The virbac dental hygiene kit for cats is fish flavoured, does not require rinsing, and can be swallowed by your pet. The kit contains 43g Toothpaste (fish flavoured), a Finger brush, Cat Toothbrush & A guide to oral hygiene.

Regular brushing promotes good dental hygiene, combats plaque, bad breath and provides an bacterial cleaning.  

What our vet says

"As pet owners, we know we should show our pet's teeth as much attention as our own - but very few do. This kit contains a flavoured toothpaste, a dual ended toothbrush and a finger brush. The toothpaste for dogs is poultry flavoured, and its fish for the cat's version. We'd recommend the finger brush to start, and lots of slow movements."