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Vectra 3D 1.6ml Small Dog 4-10kg

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Vectra 3D for dogs provides fast protection against fleas and ticks.

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Product Details

Vectra 3D for dogs 1.6ml 4-10kg

Vectra 3D for dogs provides fast protection against fleas and tickswithout the bite.

It is available in packs of 3 pipettes.

The unique combination of active ingredients in Vectra 3D kills fleas in just 2 hours* and also prevents them feeding. The fleas dont even need to bite your pet they are killed on contact with the active ingredients.

On top of this, Vectra 3D will kill the eggs and larvae that live in your house to prevent new adult fleas from developing. Plus it lasts for a full month!

Vectra 3D will repel and kill ticks 24h after it has been applied and provide protection for your dog for a full month, no matter where you take him. Vectra 3D also repels other biting insects such as sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies for a month.

The unique line-on application method and easy to use pipette means the product gets to work quickly and may be less sticky and messy than more traditional spot-on methods. For more information, please contact your vet. Warning: Vectra 3D should not be used on cats.

*For dogs that have been treated previously with the product.