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Please ensure that the image you are uploading is clear and contains all 4 edges of the prescription. If your prescription comes through cut off or the text is unreadable we will not be able to accept it.

If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt via email within 1 working day of uploading the prescription please call us on 01761 258517 and we can make sure it has made it's way to us.


Why do I need a Written Prescription?
If a product is licensed in the UK as a POM-V (Prescription Only Medication- Vet), it can only be supplied against a Veterinary Prescription. Any products on the Pet Prescription website that require a prescription will have the red stop sign next to the photo of them, and will indicate that the legal category is ‘POM-V’. We only accept prescriptions from Vets with a UK registration, where the owner’s address is within the UK.

Why don’t I need a Written Prescription if I buy the medicine from my Vet?
If your Vet sells you the medication themselves, they do not need to write out a prescription as they are both prescribing and dispensing.

How do I get a Written Prescription?
If you choose to buy your pet’s medication from Pet Prescription, then you will need to ask your Vet to write out a prescription so we know what he is happy to be dispensed to you; just like when a Doctor gives us humans a written prescription to be dispensed at a pharmacy! If your Vet would sell you the medication themselves, then they are not legally allowed to refuse to write a prescription for the same treatment and amount. You can ask your Vet to complete our own blank prescription form, or they may have their own form which they prefer to use; either is fine.

Can my Vet charge to write a Prescription?
Your Vet is allowed to make a ‘reasonable charge’ for writing a prescription, but it usually still works out much cheaper to buy your pet’s medication from Pet Prescription. Your Vet may be able to make the prescription ‘repeatable’ so you can use the same prescription multiple times within a 6 month period, making the charge for writing the prescription go further.

How long does a Written Prescription last for?
Unless your Vet specifies a shorter expiry, written prescriptions are only valid for 6 months from the date of issue. However, we can only supply up to the amount your vets have prescribed. For example, if your prescription is only written for 30 tablets but is set to expire in 6 months, we can only legally dispense 30 tablets within these 6 months.
Prescriptions for some scheduled drugs, such as Epiphen, are only valid for 28 days.

Do I have to buy all the medication on the Written Prescription at once?
It’s up to you; you can either buy the medication in stages, or you can buy it all in one go. You may find you can save even more money by taking advantage of our ‘multibuy’ deals. If the prescription is for a scheduled drug, we are only permitted to dispense against it once, as repeats are not allowed.

How quickly will I receive delivery of my order?
We aim to dispatch orders within 1 working day of receipt and verification of the prescription. Our standard postage service is Royal Mail first class which usually takes 1-2 working days to be delivered. Please note that delays beyond our control sometimes occur with postal and courier services.

Do you accept faxed or emailed prescriptions?
We will dispense against a faxed or emailed prescription. If the prescription is for a scheduled drug (E.g. Epiphen), we can only dispatch the medication once we have received the original through the post. Please ensure that the file sent shows the whole prescription in one complete image (E.g. no edges cut off), and that it is clear and readable once printed out. If you email your prescription you will receive a confirmation via email once we have checked the prescription. If you have not received a email reply within 1 working day please get in touch with us on 01761 458 517 and we can confirm if it successful made it to us.

How do I get the Written Prescription to you?

Post the original of your prescription to; Pet Prescription Ltd, PO Box 171, Bristol, BS31 9EG

Please write your order number on the back of the prescription.

Upload your prescription using the form on this page, making sure to complete all the required fields.

Email your prescription to; info@petprescription.co.uk , quoting your order reference number in the subject line.

Fax your prescription to; 01225 439 444, writing your order reference number clearly at the top of the prescription.

We recommend you take and keep a copy of the written prescription for your records.

Please note files uploaded must be under 5mb.

Warning- Prescription misuse
It is an offense to tamper with a written veterinary prescription in any way. If we identify that a prescription has been forged, altered or presented for use with more than one dispensary we are obliged to inform the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) who will investigate and decide what action to take. As this takes a considerable amount of time, we will cancel your order less a £25 administration fee, as per our terms and conditions.

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