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Synoquin Large Breed

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Synoquin for dogs is a natural joint supplement used to aid stiff joints and support the joint structure.
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Product Details

Synoquin large Breed 25-40kg

Synoquin large Breed is a nutritional joint supplement specifically formulated to support joint mobility in large breed dogs weighing 25-40kg.Synoquin is available in sprinkle capsules this can either be given whole or opened and mixed with food. Alternatively this is available as a palatable 'Tasty Chewable' tablets which can be fed directly as a treat or broken and mixed in with food.

Initial Loading Programme- Six Weeks 3 capsules/tablets daily for best results give between 2am and 2pm. (Please note for maximum benefit it is important to complete the loading programme.)
Maintenance Programme In general after the initial loading programme the daily intake can be reduced to: 25-40kg 1 capsule/tablet per day and 2 capsule/tablet per 40kg daily. if required increase intake by capsule/tablet every 4 weeks or contact your veterinary surgeon.
Long Term All dogs respond differently to supplementation.

Do not exceed the initial loading programme amount / Do not lower suggested intakes unless advised by your veterinary surgeon. Packaging may very.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Large dogs often need additional nutritional support for their joints. We hear from our customers that Synoquin gives their dogs a 'new lease of life' which is great to hear! This product contains added Dexahan - a purified oil with Omega 3 fatty acids. Choose from tablets or capsules."