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SOL-M U40 Insulin Caninsulin Syringes 0.5ml

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SOL-M U40 Insulin Caninsulin Syringes 0.5ml

U40 Syringes are for use with caninsulin to administer intravenous medication to dogs and cats.
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  • Description

Sol-M Insulin Syringes are used to administer Caninsulin (or other insulin injectable medications) to dogs and cats.

These syringes come in either a 0.5ml or 1ml syringe size to provide accurate dosing for your pet.

Sold in packs of 100 syringes.

Special Instructions & Dose

Follow instructions with packaging.

Each syringe should only be used once and then disposed of.

What our vet says

"If your pet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you're nervous of injecting - these 0.5ml syringes are really easy to use. Small and light, they have a transparent barrel with clear markings -making it easy to measure dosage. A popular choice with our customers."