Small Pet Healthcare

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  1. You save 6%
    F10 Products Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide 1663
  2. You save 40%
    Panacur Rabbit Paste 1553
    Panacur Rabbit Paste
    SRP £10.20
    Save £4.08
  3. You save 24%
    Protexin Fibreplex Rabbits & Small Pets 1381
    Protexin Fibreplex Rabbits & Small Pets
    SRP £12.43
    Save £3.07
  4. You save 32%
    Protexin Bio-Lapis for Rabbits 2660
    Protexin Bio-Lapis for Rabbits
    SRP £11.16
    Save £3.59
  5. You save 49%
    Rearguard 10002
    SRP £49.78
    Save £24.60
  6. You save 15%
    Vitamin E 100mg 2057
    Vitamin E 100mg
    SRP £13.00
    Save £2.00
  7. You save 19%
    Zolcal-D 1775
    SRP £9.96
    Save £1.98
  8. You save 31%
    Carbodote Oral Suspension - Charcoal for Dogs and Cats 4664
  9. You save 59%
    Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment 921
  10. You save 22%
    O'Tom Tick Remover 1370
    O'Tom Tick Remover
    SRP £5.02
    Save £1.14
  11. You save 49%
    Xeno 450 1975
    Xeno 450
    SRP £44.40
    Save £21.82
  12. You save 46%
    Xeno 50 Mini 1976
    Xeno 50 Mini
    SRP £42.84
    Save £20.11
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Small Pet Products

Small they may be, but do we love them any less? The fact is we couldn't love our guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and mice any more. I mean, have you seen those twitchy noses?

But if your small pet needs some big love, there’s only one place to shop. Pet Drugs Online has a small pet healthcare range to keep your hamster happy and your rabbit ecstatic. Plus, you’ll be over the moon yourself with the teeny tiny prices.

Prescriptions to treat your pocket-sized pets, rabbit wormers, hamster flea treatment and oodles of other good stuff - delivered to your door in super-quick time. That’s why we get hundreds of 5-star ratings every week from our happy customers.

But it’s not all about the savings and the speedy delivery. As vets, we care passionately about all creatures – great and small, so you can be sure that we only provide the highest quality goods for your fluffy, scaly, or slippery friend.