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Shampoo & Grooming

Browse this section for all types of dog shampoo and grooming products at affordable prices.

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  1. You save 39%
    Epi-soothe II shampoo P1168
    Epi-soothe II shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £8.99
  2. You save 29%
    Ceva Douxo S3 Care Dog And Cat Shampoo P10056
    Ceva Douxo S3 Care Dog And Cat Shampoo
    SRP £18.86
    You save £5.52
  3. You save 40%
    Sebocalm II Shampoo P1395
    Sebocalm II Shampoo
    SRP £19.46
    You save £7.89
  4. You save 68%
    Malaseb Shampoo
    Malaseb Shampoo
    SRP £34.01
    You save £23.21
  5. You save 24%
    Coatex Medicated Shampoo P485
    Coatex Medicated Shampoo
    SRP £26.88
    You save £6.66
  6. You save 39%
    Allermyl Shampoo P1033
    Allermyl Shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £8.93
  7. You save 29%
    Dechra DermAllay™ Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats P3905
  8. You save 30%
    Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats P1354
    Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £16.19
    You save £4.89
  9. You save 29%
    C.E.T Toothpaste (Enzymatic)
    C.E.T Toothpaste (Enzymatic)
    SRP £12.37
    You save £3.59
  10. You save 18%
    Dechra DermAllay™ Oatmeal Spray Conditioner for Pets P1659
  11. You save 42%
    Sebolytic Shampoo P1396
    Sebolytic Shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £9.62
  12. You save 29%
    Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo P1109
    Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo
    SRP £23.83
    You save £6.96
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Showing 1-24 of 54

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Dog Shampoos & Grooming

Medicated shampoos for dogs can be a necessary but expensive investment in your pet’s health. But at Pet Prescription we are able to supply you with dog grooming products at a much lower price than your vet, saving our customers hundreds of pounds a year.

Pet Head, Frontline, Coatex and Viacutan are all available on the website at a discounted price and with free delivery on light orders over £39.

So, if your dog has a skin condition, or if you want to maintain a healthy coat, take a look at the range of dog shampoos and grooming products available now.

For prescription products, it’s easy to share your vet’s prescription with us - simply upload it from the home page on our site.