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  1. You save 73%
    10mg/80mg Cardalis Large Dog Tablets
  2. You save 66%
    2.5mg Fortekor Palatable
    2.5mg Fortekor Palatable
    SRP £1.42
  3. You save 68%
    2.5mg/20mg Cardalis Small Dog Tablets
  4. You save 67%
    5mg Fortekor Flavour
    5mg Fortekor Flavour
    SRP £2.39
  5. You save 69%
    5mg/40mg Cardalis Medium Dog Tablets
  6. You save 60%
    Activyl Spot On Large Dog (20-40kg)
  7. You save 57%
    Activyl Spot On Toy Dog (1.2- 5kg)
  8. You save 52%
    Activyl TickPlus Large Dog (20-40kg)
  9. You save 54%
    Activyl TickPlus Medium Dog (10-20kg)
  10. You save 42%
    Activyl TickPlus Small Dog (5-10kg)
  11. You save 57%
    Advantix Spot On 100 (4-10kg)
  12. You save 61%
    Advantix Spot On 250 (10-25kg)
  13. You save 66%
    Advantix Spot On 40 (Under 4kg)
  14. You save 59%
    Advantix Spot On 400 (25kg+)
    Advantix Spot On 400 (25kg+)
    SRP £40.70
  15. You save 59%
    Advocate Spot On for Dogs - 100 (4-10kg)
  16. You save 59%
    Advocate Spot On for Dogs 250 (10-25kg)
  17. You save 61%
    Advocate Spot On for Dogs 400 ( > 25kg)
  18. You save 58%
    Amoxycare Capsules 250mg
    Amoxycare Capsules 250mg
    SRP £0.41
  19. You save 65%
    Antirobe Capsules 150mg
    Antirobe Capsules 150mg
    SRP £2.04
  20. You save 52%
    Antirobe Capsules 25mg
    Antirobe Capsules 25mg
    SRP £0.72
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Dog Prescriptions

Pet Prescription is an online veterinary dispensary. We legally supply prescription-only dog medicines for dogs, and other pets.

In 2005 it became possible for pet owners to request a prescription from their vet and purchase the required dog prescription medicines elsewhere.

Your vet will supply you with a prescription, however, they will need to have seen your pet within the last six months and they may charge a reasonable fee for writing the prescription.

The money you save from purchasing your dog medication from Pet Prescription will reduce the cost of your normal prescription considerably. Plus, your dog medication will be delivered to your door when you need it.