Choose from a range of highly effective dog calming products to soothe during times of stress.

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  1. You save 38%
    Adaptil Calm Diffuser Pack 1745
    Adaptil Calm Diffuser Pack
    SRP £34.57
    Save £13.46
  2. Adaptil Chews for Dogs 2194
    Adaptil Chews for Dogs
    SRP £0.00
  3. You save 45%
    Adaptil Dog Travel Pack 2267
    Adaptil Dog Travel Pack
    SRP £72.54
    Save £33.24
  4. You save 38%
    Adaptil Transport Spray 9258
    Adaptil Transport Spray
    SRP £35.38
    Save £13.64
  5. You save 38%
    Adaptil Calm Refill 3935
    Adaptil Calm Refill
    SRP £29.98
    Save £11.43
  6. You save 36%
    Dog Calming Pack 2272
    Adaptil Dog Calming Pack
    SRP £81.84
    Save £30.23
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Dog Calming Products

During stressful times, calming products for dogs can be highly effective – and at Pet Prescription, calming products for your dog are more affordable than you think.

Commonly used for travel, visitors, fireworks and change in circumstances, products such as Adaptil, Calmex and Serene Um Calm will help calm your dog.

Whether you choose a diffuser, collar or drops to help your dog’s anxiety and nerves, you’ll find a good choice of brands and products for dog calming at Pet Prescription.

Simply browse the website for the product you require and we’ll send it directly to you within two working days.