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Whatever you dog's health conditions, we have a choice of high quality treatments to help

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  1. You save 21%
    Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs
  2. Sonotix Ear Solution
    Sonotix Ear Solution
    SRP £0.00
  3. You save 59%
    Seraquin 2g
  4. You save 55%
    Ipakitine Powder
  5. You save 54%
    Seraquin 800mg
  6. You save 50%
    Zylkene (Dog & Cat)
  7. You save 60%
    SRP £50.38
  8. You save 64%
    Zentonil Advanced
  9. You save 26%
    Pronefra Food Supplement
  10. You save 51%
    Samylin Sachet
    Samylin Sachet
    SRP £51.84
  11. You save 35%
    Synoquin Large Breed
    Synoquin Large Breed
    SRP £105.10
  12. You save 25%
    Calmex for Dogs
    Calmex for Dogs
    SRP £14.04
  13. You save 31%
    Kaminox Liquid
    Kaminox Liquid
    SRP £31.32
  14. You save 51%
    Samylin Tablets
    Samylin Tablets
    SRP £51.84
  15. You save 11%
    Aktivait for Dogs
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Dog Health Conditions

If your dog has a special health condition which requires medication, treatment, vitamins, supplements or special care – Pet Prescription is an affordable way to purchase the products you need and keep costs low.

For conditions which require prescription medication, you can supply your vet’s prescription to us via the website, or by post, and we can dispense the dog medication or healthcare product to you.

For long term dog conditions which require a lifetime of medication or healthcare products, you could save hundreds on pounds on the best-selling brands we supply.

Why not compare your vet’s price to ours and see just how much money you could save? Start searching now.