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Skin & Allergy

We have a varied selection of dog skin and allergy products to treat and soothe all kinds of conditions.

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  1. You save 39%
    Epi-soothe II shampoo P1168
    Epi-soothe II shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £8.99
  2. You save 25%
    YuDERM Itching Dog
    YuDERM Itching Dog
    SRP £22.42
    You save £5.62
  3. You save 41%
    Viacutan Plus P1138
    Viacutan Plus
    SRP £21.64
    You save £8.88
  4. You save 29%
    Dechra DermAllay™ Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats P3905
  5. You save 77%
    Coatex Essential Fatty Acid Supplement
  6. You save 24%
    Gomega Supplement for Dogs
    Gomega Supplement for Dogs
    SRP £51.76
    You save £12.65
  7. You save 39%
    Allermyl Shampoo P1033
    Allermyl Shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    You save £8.93
  8. You save 30%
    Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats P1354
    Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £16.19
    You save £4.89
  9. You save 8%
    Clorexyderm 4% Foam For Cat & Dog P2224
  10. You save 24%
    Coatex Medicated Shampoo P485
    Coatex Medicated Shampoo
    SRP £26.88
    You save £6.66
  11. Vetgold Spray P4454
    Vetgold Spray
    SRP £0.00
  12. You save 29%
    Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo P1109
    Coatex Aloe/Oatmeal Shampoo
    SRP £23.83
    You save £6.96
  13. Derma Gel
    Derma Gel
    SRP £0.00
  14. You save 48%
    Antisept For Dogs And Cats
    Antisept For Dogs And Cats
    SRP £14.29
    You save £6.96
  15. You save 40%
    Allerderm Spot On
    Allerderm Spot On
    SRP £30.13
    You save £12.19
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Showing 1-24 of 98

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Dog Skin & Allergy

Problematic and irritating skin conditions for dogs can be frustrating, and expensive to treat.

When your vet has prescribed medication or a treatment, where you purchase the product from is up to you. You can save money by buying skin and allergy treatments for dogs online from Pet Prescription.

There are also a wide range of shampoos, gels and treatments on the website which do not require a prescription.

Search within the dog skin and allergy section of the Pet Prescription website and see how much money you could save.