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Liver & Kidney

Choose from our hand-picked range of dog liver and kidney care products from top brands at low prices.

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  1. You save 44%
    Zentonil Advanced P1606
    Zentonil Advanced
    SRP £55.66
    Save £24.76
  2. Doxybactin 400mg P3290
    Doxybactin 400mg
    SRP £0.00
  3. You save 33%
    Pronefra Food Supplement P7721
    Pronefra Food Supplement
    SRP £21.13
    Save £7.11
  4. You save 41%
    Ipakitine Powder P2594
    Ipakitine Powder
    SRP £19.37
    Save £8.13
  5. You save 26%
    Protexin Denamarin for Cats and Dogs 30 Tablets P1564
  6. You save 26%
    Kaminox Liquid P1492
    Kaminox Liquid
    SRP £20.70
    Save £5.54
  7. You save 31%
    Samylin Sachet
    Samylin Sachet
    SRP £43.48
    Save £13.64
  8. You save 37%
    SRP £45.71
    Save £17.28
  9. Doxybactin 50mg P3288
    Doxybactin 50mg
    SRP £0.00
  10. You save 19%
    Uri Balance (formerly Methigel)
    Uri Balance (formerly Methigel)
    SRP £11.36
    Save £2.19
  11. You save 31%
    Samylin Tablets P3973
    Samylin Tablets
    SRP £43.48
    Save £13.64
  12. Metrovis 100mg P3278
    Metrovis 100mg
    SRP £0.00
  13. Doxybactin 200mg P3289
    Doxybactin 200mg
    SRP £0.00
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Dog Liver & Kidney

Dogs with liver and kidney problems have a range of products available to help treat and ease the symptoms.

Top brands like Protexin Denemarin, Hepticare and Hepatosyl Plus may be prescribed by your vet, and you have the option to buy your dog’s liver and kidney products or prescription medication online, where you can save money on high street and vet prices.

Pet Prescription can dispense liver and kidney medication for dogs just as your vet surgery would, but at a discounted price.

Compare prices on the website today and see just how much you can save.