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Heart & Respiratory

We have a range of best selling dog heart and respiratory care products at Pet Prescription.

Products with this symbol require a vet prescription in the checkout
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  1. You save 73%
    Vetmedin Chewable Tablets 5mg
  2. You save 63%
    Vetmedin Chewable Tablets 1.25mg
  3. You save 12%
    Furosemide / Frusemide Tablets 40mg
  4. You save 72%
    Vetmedin Capsules 5mg
    Vetmedin Capsules 5mg
    SRP £1.50
  5. You save 45%
    Libeo 10mg Tablets For Dogs
  6. You save 68%
    Corvental-D Capsules 200mg
  7. You save 61%
    Cardisure Flavoured Tablets for Dogs 5mg
  8. You save 64%
    Cardisure Flavoured Tablets for Dogs 2.5mg
  9. You save 64%
    Cardisure Flavoured Tablets for Dogs 10mg
  10. You save 66%
    2.5mg Fortekor Palatable
    2.5mg Fortekor Palatable
    SRP £1.42
  11. You save 45%
    Frusedale Tablets 40mg
    Frusedale Tablets 40mg
    SRP £0.11
  12. You save 67%
    5mg Fortekor Flavour
    5mg Fortekor Flavour
    SRP £2.39
  13. You save 58%
    Vivitonin Tablets 100mg
    Vivitonin Tablets 100mg
    SRP £1.24
  14. You save 68%
    Fortekor Plus Tablets 5mg/10mg
  15. You save 72%
    Benazecare Flavour Tablets 20mg
  16. You save 44%
    Libeo 40mg Tablets For Dogs
  17. You save 72%
    Corvental-D Capsules 500mg
  18. You save 42%
    Kelapril Tablets 5mg
    Kelapril Tablets 5mg
    SRP £42.68
  19. You save 44%
    Enacard Tablets 1mg
    Enacard Tablets 1mg
    SRP £20.54
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Dog Heart & Respiratory

When your dog has a heart or respiratory issue which requires treatment, medication can become costly over time.

At Pet Prescription, we can provide the same medication your vet prescribes, but at a lower price. By buying in bulk we keep our costs low, passing the savings onto our customers.

Simply share your prescription with us online or by post, select the product you require and choose how you would like your order delivered.

Compare the cost of heart and respiratory treatment products for dogs on the website today.