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Diabetes in dogs can be treated with the many high quality, low cost products available at Pet Prescription.

Products with this symbol require a vet prescription in the checkout
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  1. You save 64%
    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 10ml P934
    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 10ml
    SRP £64.01
    Save £41.37
  2. You save 25%
    AlphaTRAK 2 Lancets
    AlphaTRAK 2 Lancets
    SRP £27.04
    Save £7.00
  3. You save 35%
    Alphatrak 2 Starter Kit
    Alphatrak 2 Starter Kit
    SRP £146.99
    Save £51.90
  4. You save 56%
    Caninsulin Cartridges (40iu/ml) P3611
    Caninsulin Cartridges (40iu/ml)
    SRP £162.98
    Save £92.44
  5. You save 46%
    Caninsulin VetPen Starter Pack P3613
    Caninsulin VetPen Starter Pack
    SRP £112.73
    Save £52.78
  6. You save 29%
    Caninsulin VetPen Needles P3612
    Caninsulin VetPen Needles
    SRP £48.16
    Save £14.19
  7. You save 36%
    AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strips P10027
    AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strips
    SRP £79.30
    Save £28.85
  8. You save 64%
    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 25ml (10 x 2.5ml Vials) P9526
    Caninsulin (40iu/ml) 25ml (10 x 2.5ml Vials)
    SRP £172.37
    Save £110.58
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Dog Diabetes

There are many products available for dogs with diabetes to help ease your dog’s symptoms. But chronic medical problems can be expensive to treat.

At Pet Prescription we offer dog owners discounted prices on syringes, meter readers and pens and cartridges for dogs with diabetes.

Simply choose the product you need, pay for your item and select the delivery service you require.

If your dog diabetes products require a prescription from your vet, upload it to the website when you place your order.