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  1. You save 54%
    Drontal Cat Wormer
  2. You save 41%
    Droncit Tapeworm Tablets
    Droncit Tapeworm Tablets
    SRP £2.09
  3. You save 14%
    Drontal Cat XL Wormer
    Drontal Cat XL Wormer
    SRP £2.51
  4. Prazitel Plus+
    Prazitel Plus+
    SRP £0.00
  5. You save 57%
    Milbemax Tasty Cat Wormer (2-8kg)
  6. You save 40%
    Cazitel Cat Wormer
  7. You save 44%
    Panacur Granules For Cats & Dogs
  8. You save 58%
    Milbemax Small Cat & Kitten Wormer (
  9. You save 14%
    Itrafungol Oral Solution
    Itrafungol Oral Solution
    SRP £68.42
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Cat Wormers

If your cat has worms they could be displaying lethargy, weight loss or a change in bowel habits.

The best way to prevent worms in the first place is to regularly administer a cat worming treatment.

Some of the best brands include – Drontal, Droncit and Panacur.

As you’re likely to be purchasing cat worming treatments for a number of years, it makes sense to purchase these products at the best possible price.

Pet Prescription sells the same cat wormers as your vet would prescribe, but at a much lower cost. Plus, it’s simple to order online and delivery is fast.

Take a look at our prices today and see how much money you could save on cat worming treatment.