Choose from a selection of trusted brands at great prices for all your cat digestion needs.

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  1. You save 33%
    Carbodote Oral Suspension - Charcoal for Dogs and Cats 4664
  2. You save 42%
    Cephacare 500mg 2981
    Cephacare 500mg
    SRP £1.90
    Save £0.81
  3. You save 20%
    Cephacare 250mg 2982
    Cephacare 250mg
    SRP £1.00
    Save £0.20
  4. You save 47%
    Canikur Pro Paste - Cat And Dog Probiotic 1672
    CanikurPro Paste
    SRP £17.57
    Save £8.32
  5. You save 26%
    Lax-a-Past Cat Laxative 1527
    Lax-a-Past Cat Laxative
    SRP £13.13
    Save £3.53
  6. You save 68%
    Clavubactin 50mg Tablets for Cats & Dogs 2417
    Clavubactin 50mg Tablets for Cats & Dogs
    SRP £0.73
    Save £0.50
  7. You save 28%
    Vetruus DiaTab 2210
    Vetruus DiaTab
    SRP £121.20
    Save £34.70
  8. LickiMat Tuff Soother 3690
    LickiMat Tuff Soother
    SRP £8.03
  9. LickiMat Soother 4459
    LickiMat Soother
    SRP £4.94
  10. LickiMat Playdate 4458
    LickiMat Playdate
    SRP £4.84
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Cat Digestion

A cat’s digestive system is fundamental to their overall health. Your cat may have a food intolerance or digestive disorder. They might have eaten something other than their normal cat food. Or perhaps your cat’s breed means it needs a dietary supplement.

At Pet Prescription, we supply the same top-brand digestion medication as your vet. But because we buy in bulk we are able to secure a great price, and we pass those savings onto you.

Protexin, Dorwest and Cephacare are some of the best-selling cat digestion medications for cats, and you’ll find these and more on our website.