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Seraquin 2g

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Seraquin is a nutritional supplement that helps to support and maintain normal joint function in dogs.

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  • Description

Seraquin 2g is a unique, tasty joint supplement that has been specifically designed to help maintain healthy joint function in dogs.

Seraquin tablets contain Glucosamine HCL which is an amino sugar responsible for creating and stimulating new cartilage growth. The tablets also support the release of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are made from glucose by the cartilage cells.

Seraquin also contains Chondroitin which lures fluid to the cartilage molecules which helps to nourish and lubricate joints, as well as acting as a shock absorber.

The third main ingredient in Seraquin 2g is a potent, natural antioxidant called Curcumin. This can reduce the damaging effects that oxidative stress and free radicals can have on your dog's cartilage.

As Seraquin is designed to support the joint, rather than treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation, you may not see an immediate effect. Seraquin takes time to build up in the system (usually 4 – 6 weeks at the starting level – please see below).

The number of tablets can gradually be reduced on the advice of your vet.

Seraquin tablets can also be given alongside any prescription medicines that your vet may recommend to help control the pain and inflammation your dog may be experiencing, there is no contraindication to doing so.

Dose Rate

Manufacturer's Initial 4 - 6 weeks starting period dose rate:

Dogs that weigh less than 10kg - give 1 tablet daily.
For dogs weighing between 10-20kg - give 2 tablets daily.
For dogs weighing between 20-40kg - give 3 tablets daily.
For dogs that weigh more than 40kg - give 4 tablets daily.

After the initial 4-6 weeks starting period, the daily amount can usually be reduced by half a tablet for the following week. If your dog responds well to the lower dose of Seraquin tablets, this can be repeated on a weekly basis until a level on half the initial amount is reached. If your dog does not respond well to the lower dose, you should seek advice from your veterinary surgeon.

Follow instructions given on the packaging.

What our vet says

"Seraquin is often recommended by vets to maintain healthy joints due to age or injury. It works by slowing down the progression of Osteoarthritis by stimulating the joint's auto repair capacity. You'll see from our customer reviews that they have made a real difference to their pet's quality of life. Choose from a pack of 60 tablets or 360."