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Selgian Tablets 4mg

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Selgian Tablets are used to treat behavioural disorders of emotional origin, primarily depression and anxiety, in dogs.
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Product Details

4mg Selgian contains 4mg of the active ingredient selegiline.

For the treatment of behavioural disorders of emotional origin, primarily depression and anxiety.

It is also used alongside behaviour therapy to aid management of over-activity, separation anxiety, fears and phobias, and unsocial behaviour. Clinical signs you may notice include aggression and changes in appetite, sleep, and interactions with the owner.

Also used for the treatment of canine cognitive dysfunction in older dogs (‘senility’ and old age memory loss and disorientation), especially when signs of anxiety or social withdrawal are associated with these problems.

It may also be used to treat signs of cognitive decline and memory loss in older cats.

Special Instructions & Dose

For oral administration.

Follow the dosage instructions on the label.

Do not administer at or around the time of sedation or anaesthesia.

Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.

Sometimes dominant dogs suffering from an emotional disorder may become aggressive after treatment; in these cases, training is essential.

You can also consider ADAPTIL and / or ZYLKENE to alleviate stress and reduce behavioural problems.

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