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Sebolytic Shampoo

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A unique cleansing shampoo that removes scales, crusting and excess oil on the skin surface.

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Product Details

Sebolytic is a medicated shampoo for cats and dogs. Containing an original combination of ingredients including tea tree oil. Developed to be used as an aid in the management of scaly, dry and greasy skin conditions.

Sebolytic shampoo contains Salicylic acid which helps remove excess scales. Sebolytic shampoo also contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil to help soothe the skin and relieve any irritation. Piroctone Olamine is used in the formulation as it helps re-establish the natural microbial balance of the skin. Both Linoleic and Gamma Linolenic acids help regulate the keratinisation process.

Sebolytic shampoo also contains Zinc gluconate and vitamin B6 to regulate sebum production so the body does not produce as much of it. A portion of the Zinc Gluconate and Vitamin B6 are incorporated into Spherulites, which slowly releases the ingredients long after the product has been applied.

In this case, the production of sebum can be controlled and regulated for a longer period of time after the initial application. The Zinc Gluconate and Vitamin B6 both stay on the skin once the product has been washed off.

Shake well before use. Wet the coat with warm water and apply sufficient Sebolytic to create a rich lather. Massage into the coat with circular movements and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use once weekly or as directed.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Greasy, scaly and smelly skin is not good news for anyone! This shampoo exfoliates the skin, it's medicated and it contains tea tree oil to soothe. It will work to regulate sebum production which is the cause of overly greasy skin. It is gentle, but please read the instructions before use."