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Samylin Tablets

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Samylin Tablets

Samylin is a liver supporting supplement for dogs and cats which contains key ingredients such as Silybin, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
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The liver plays a vital role in many body functions e.g. metabolism and storage of nutrients, digestion of fats and it also detoxifies the body of any potentially harmful pathogens floating around. Samylin is a feeding supplement designed to provide your dog’s liver with all the antioxidants it needs to be able to protect it from any potentially damaging free radicals and pathogens in the body on a daily basis.
Samylin contains S adenosylmethionine (SAMe) which is a natural compound that can be found in almost every tissue and fluid in the body.  Three powerful antioxidants are also used Samylin: Silybin, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. These three ingredients help to eliminate any free radicals floating around that pose a potential threat to the normal functioning of the liver.

Follow instructions given on the packaging.

What our vet says

"The liver has an essential role in your pet's body. It maintains metabolism and stores essential nutrients. Samylin small breed is a nutritional supplement for smaller pets suffering from liver disorders. It works to protect the liver with a boost of antioxidants and vitamins. It's also available in medium and large breed tablets."