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Rearguard is a product which prevents blowfly strike for 10 weeks in domestic rabbits.
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Product Details

Rearguard is a product containing 6% Cyromazine that prevents blowfly strike for 10 weeks in domestic rabbits.
Rabbits should be treated first in early summer before any flies are seen and then be treated every 8-10 weeks under conditions of repeated blowfly challenge.

Rearguard works by preventing any eggs laid by flies developing. It will not kill adult maggots. In cases of existing flystrike, adult maggots should be removed by mechanical means and appropriate supportive treatment given (seek veterinary advice).

Rearguard should then be applied to the fur to prevent development of new larvae and re-strike. If the rabbit is continually attractive to flies, this may be down to an underlying disease (e.g. incontinence, diarrhoea) or a lack of hygiene within its housing. In such cases further advice should be sought from your veterinary surgeon.

Apply as directed by instructions on bottle. Ensure there is no other reason why flies would be attracted to your rabbit. Keep the hutch clean. Check for Diarrhoea, dental problems, and other illnesses. Not for use in rabbits less than 10 weeks old. Care should be taken in the treatment of old, sick or debilitated rabbits. Not for use in pregnant rabbits. 

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Blowfly is extremely serious for your rabbit and needs to be treated immediately. That's why Rearguard is a really good product to use to prevent this horrible disease for up to 10 weeks after dosing. Our customers rate it very highly."