Rabbit Parasite Control


Flea and Worm control for Rabbits

There are two types of flea control for rabbits;

Advantage ™ (imidacloprid)- a liquid pipette  placed onto the back of the neck every 4 weeks. This is a very effective product, easy to apply, and doesn't need a prescription. 

Xenex Ultra Spot-on (permethrin) - also a liquid pipette  applied to the back of the neck which doesn't require a prescription. It is important to note that although this product is safe to use in rabbits and guinea pigs it is toxic to cats, so must be kept away from any cats in the house.

 The main product used for worming rabbits is Panacur™ Rabbit (Fenbendazole). It is an oral paste that needs to be used for 9 consecutive days as one dose, and tends to be given up to 2-4 times a year. However, worms in rabbits are not actually pathogenic or harmful, and actually contribute to healthy gut function, so regular worming as you would do in a dog or cat is not necessary!

Panacur™ Rabbit also treats parasites including E.Cuniculi. This is a microscopic parasite, which can cause head tilting, blindness, hind limb weakness, seizures and kidney disease. It is mainly spread by infected urine and can live for weeks in the environment.

Flystrike in Rabbits

Rearguard is a product used to treat myiasis (flystrike), a condition which results when flies lay eggs on your rabbit that hatch into maggots and start to eat away at your rabbit's flesh. This can occur in hot humid weather, especially between May and October. Rabbits are more at risk if they are obese, have dental disease, have diarrhoea or arthiritis. Good hygiene is essential to prevent this condition as flies are attracted to environments with poor hygiene. It is recommended that you check your rabbit's back end daily throughout the summer, and ensure you remove any faeces that are stuck around the backend or on the fur, as this is more likely to attract flies. Rearguard is a liquid, which is applied all over the rabbit especially down the back and around the rear end. It can be used from 10 weeks of age and protects the rabbit for 10 weeks.

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