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Pronefra Food Supplement

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Pronefra Food Supplement

Pronefra for dogs and cats is used to support the kidneys in chronic kidney disease.
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Pronefra for dogs and cats is used to support the kidneys in chronic kidney disease (chronic renal insufficiency).

Pronefra is a palatable chicken liver flavoured liquid supplement which aids kidney health by a variety of methods: it helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure, reduces toxin build-up in the body, and support a normal structure of the kidneys. It also slows down the progression of chronic kidney disease in your cat or dog, and can help to improve the quality and the length of your pet’s life.

Designed as an easy to give solution, Pronefra just needs to be added to food or administered straight into your dog or cat’s mouth to be effective, and the chicken flavour of the liquid has been shown to make it tasty for both dogs and cats.

Special Instructions & Dose

Pronefra comes in two sizes, a 60ml bottle for cats and a larger 180ml bottle for cats and dogs. A syringe with clear graduations comes with the medication, enabling easy, accurate dosing.

Recommended dose: 1ml / 4kg twice daily

A 60ml bottle will last 1 month for an average 4kg cat.

A 180ml bottle will last 3 months for a 4kg cat or 5 weeks in a 10kg dog.

What our vet says

"Pronefra supports the renal function of your pet. It works by slowing the progress of chronic kidney disease and limiting toxin levels in the body, to maintain normal renal structure and blood pressure. We like this product as it's easy to administer. Choose from a 60ml or 80ml bottle."