Derma Gel

Derma Gel

100ml Tube
50ml Gel Spray
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Suitable for: Cat , Dog , Equine , Farm Products , Other
Other Categories: Bandages and Wound Care , Skin Supplements & Shampoos
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Derma Gel is a non steroidal protective gel formulation designed to treat and protect wounds when bandaging is not an option.

Dermal Gel was also designed to encourage wound healing whilst providing protection in cats, dogs, horses, ponies, cattle reptiles, exotic animals and birds.

Derma Gel creates a moist epidermal environment which provides an effective protective barrier which stops any possible threats from getting to the wound and contaminating it. When applied to a wound, it promotes healing as well as natural hair regrowth and skin smoothness - it does not prevent the wound from healing. It also cleans and removes and dead tissue.

The gel is ideal for use on large areas or deep, open wounds. It is also ideal for use on accidental or surgical lesions (either under a bandage or uncovered) or when the location of the wound does not allow suturing or bandaging.

Made from all-natural ingredients this product is safe should the animal lick the wound site.

The spray is ideal for use on animals that are likely to misbehave when trying to apply to gel or if the animal owner may be anxious about how their pet will reaction if they tried to apply the gel. The spray is also ideal to be used on wounds that are in a location of high mobility e.g. a joint. As Derma Gel does not contain steroids it is completely safe to use on a mare in foal and competition horses.

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