Drontal Cat Worming Tablets

Drontal Cat Worming Tablets

Cat (single tablets)
Cat (96 tablets)
  • Manufacturer: Bayer
  • Legal Category: NFA-VPS
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Suitable for: Cat
Other Categories: Best Sellers , Flea Control, Worming & Other Parasite Control
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Drontal Cat is a worming treatment that kills common types of intestinal worms that are found in cats in the UK - roundworms and tapeworms (Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina, Dipylidium caninum, Taenia taeniaeformis).

A single Drontal Cat tablet will dose up to 4kg in bodyweight. Each Drontal Cat tablet contains 230 mg Pyrantel Embonate, 20 mg Praziquantel and 1.8 mg Titanium Dioxide.

Drontal Cat tablets are a ‘white to yellowish’, scored, coated tablet which can be divided into equal halves to dose 2kgs.

It is recommended that you worm your cat every three to six months. Drontal Cat is not a preventative treatment so it is advisable to worm them every six months minimum. If your cat goes outside and hunts, it is recommended that you worm them every three months as they can catch worms from their prey as they are consuming it.

Tablets can be given directly to the cat where possible or disguised in food. If you have trouble giving your cat tablets then products such as Easypill Cat Pill Putty and Mikki Pill Gun can be a useful aid.

There is a Drontal Cat XL tablet available for larger cats that weigh 6kg in bodyweight.

Drontal is also available for use in dogs; please see Drontal Bone Shape and Drontal Plus XL.

Drontal is also available as a liquid suspension for puppies, please see Drontal Puppy Suspension.

Special Instructions & Dose

Give one tablet per 4kg of bodyweight.

Not to be used during pregnancy but may be used during lactation.

Not intended for use in kittens less than 6 weeks of age.

Do not use simultaneously with piperazine compounds.

Until sufficient studies have been performed with this combination, do not use during pregnancy.

Wash hands after use.

For animal treatment only.

Keep out of the reach of children

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International orders up to 7 working days
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