Viscotears Liquid Gel

Viscotears Liquid Gel

10g Tube
  • Legal Category: na
Suitable for: Dog
Other Categories: Eyes and Ears
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Viscotears is a liquid gel that has been formulated to nourish and soothe the surface the eye in dogs, cats, horses as well as other animals. Dry eyes can be caused by low tear production or an insufficiency in the natural tear film. Viscotears has been designed to replace the natural tear production in animals that suffer from dry eyes. It also replenishes low moisture levels that cause your animal irritation and discomfort. The gel is more effective than regular eye drops as it has a carbomer base, which means the liquid attaches itself to the surface of the eye and provides longer lasting relief for your animal as it is not washed away as easily as other eye drops.

Directions for use: Apply to sore eyes 2-3 times daily.

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