Logic Senilife Capsules

Logic Senilife Capsules

Dog (30 Capsules)
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  • Manufacturer: Ceva
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Suitable for: Dog
Other Categories: Behaviour , Brain Supplement , Epilepsy & Neurological , Vitamins & Supplements
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Logic Senilife contains a unique combination of ingredients that are proven to help manage signs of brain ageing in dogs and cats. It can help to improve the clinical signs associated with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome ('dementia') in older pets including disorientation, confusion, and changes in sleep patterns. 

Logic Senilife contains natural antioxidants which help reduce free radicals (which can otherwise cause damage to the brain, decreasing memory capacity), and vitamins E and B6 as essential nutrients that helps to normalise and improve communication between nerves in the brain.

A recent study assessing the effects of Senilife in dogs with signs of brain ageing showed that:

After just 7 days: >50% of cases showed less severe signs of tiredness, apathy and playing less. >70% of cases were less prone to howl or bark at night.

After 30 days: 95% of dogs showed fewer signs of brain ageing and 86% of owners were satisfied with the results achieved.

You can read more about Cognitive Dysfunction and dementia in older pets in a blog from our vet here.

Use as directed by the manufacturers instructions, Wash hands after use.

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