Arthri Aid Tablets

Arthri Aid Tablets

120 Tablets
  • Manufacturer: Millpledge
  • Legal Category: na
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Suitable for: Cat , Dog
Other Categories: Joint Supplements , Vitamins & Supplements
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Arthri Aid tablets for cats and dogs is a joint supplement designed to help provide your pet's body with the building blocks it needs to restore joint cartilage and flexibility.

The tablets contain an amino sugar called Glucosamine, which creates and stimulates new cartilage growth.

Chondroitin is also used as it draws fluid to the cartilage molecules which is vital as it provides both nourishment and lubrication for the joints. Chondroitin also acts as a shock absorber for your pet's joints.

Arthri Aid tablets for cats and dogs also contains Methylsulfonylmethane, which helps soothe joints as well as aiding your pet’s mobility.

The Arthri aid range is made by NutriScience.

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Special Instructions & Dose

Loading dose (14-20 days)
Under 5kg – ¼ of a tablet
5-7.5kg – ½ a tablet daily
7.5-15kg – one tablet daily
15-22.5kg – one + ½ tablets daily
22.5-30kg – two tablets daily
30-37.5 – two + ½ tablets 

After 14-20 days the daily intake can be reduced by half for a maintenance dose.

Available for delivery outside the UK
1st class 2-3 working days
International orders up to 7 working days
for items ordered before 12pm

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