Osurnia Ear Gel

Osurnia Ear Gel

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  • Manufacturer: Novartis
  • Legal Category: POM-V
Suitable for: Dog
Other Categories: Allergy and Skin Disease , Eyes and Ears
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Osurnia ear gel is a revolutionary new ear treatment for ear infections in dogs (‘otitis externa’). It comes in the form of a pipette containing gel which is applied to the ear.

Osurnia ear gel contains the active ingredients terbinafine (an anti-fungal agent), florfenicol (an antibiotic) and betamethasone acetate (a steroid). The antibiotic and anti-fungal treat and kill many of the bacteria and yeast common in ear infections. The steroid helps to reduce the swelling, pain and redness associated with an ear infection.

Osurnia is given as two simple treatments one week apart, removing the need to clean the ear or apply medicated drops on a daily basis and making treatment of ear infections much easier! This makes it much nicer for your dog, and for you!

The inside of the ear should be cleaned and dry before the first treatment. The contents of one tube of gel is applied into the infected ear. Treatment is repeated after one week, but the ears should not be cleaned for the second dose. Start to clean the ear again two weeks after the second dose.

Manufacturers' instructions should be read before application.

This product must be kept refrigerated.

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