Propalin Syrup for Dogs

Propalin Syrup for Dogs

30ml Bottle
100ml Bottle
  • Manufacturer: Vetoquinol
  • Legal Category: POM-V
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Suitable for: Dog
Other Categories: Best Sellers , Urinary
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Please note this product requires a written prescription.

Propalin is a clear colourless solution which contains the active ingredient phenylpropanolamine and is used to treat urinary incontinence.

Each package of Propalin contains one 1.5ml graduated dosing syringe. The syringe is used to give the required dose as prescribed by your veterinary surgeon and can be administered directly onto your dog’s food. The recommended dose is 0.1ml of Propalin Syrup per 5kg bodyweight three times a day.

Urinary incontinence in neutered/spayed bitches is very common in larger breeds of dogs, Propalin Syrup for dogs is a medicine used to treat incontinence associated with sphincter mechanism incontinence (SME). Propalin has been proven as an effective treatment for the condition as it increases and stabilises the closure pressure in the urethra.

Propalin is available as either a 30ml or 100ml bottle.

Special Instructions & Dose

Preferably, Propalin should be given three times daily. However, the dose frequency can be reduced depending on how the dog responds, please be advised by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Whilst it can be given with food, the absorption of the medication is much better if given on an empty stomach.

Accidental human ingestion can be dangerous especially in children.

Propalin should not be used in pregnant bitches.

The shelf life of Propalin syrup after first opening the bottle is 3 months.

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