Adaptil Calm Diffuser

Adaptil Calm Diffuser

Diffuser + 48ml Refill
  • Manufacturer: Adaptil
  • Legal Category: na
Suitable for: Dog
Other Categories: Behaviour , Best Sellers , Fireworks & Phobias
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Adaptil is used to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural calming pheromone that is produced by a lactating female after birth. The natural pheromone gives puppies a sense of calm, well-being and reassurance, and Adaptil has a similar effect in adult and young dogs.

The Adaptil diffuser is similar to a plug-in air-freshener. The main advantage to the Adaptil Diffuser is that it is constantly emitting the pheromones so there is no need to continually reapply, as with the spray.

It can be very comforting for puppies arriving at their new home or for adult dogs who are very nervous of visitors, loud noises (such as fireworks), novel or unpredictable situations.

The synthetic pheromone in Adaptil also helps to reduce other stress and fear-related behaviour such as destructive chewing, restlessness, house soiling and excessive whining / barking.

Adaptil is also available in the form of a Spray, Collar and Tablets.


The diffuser should be plugged in where the dog spends most of its time, such as near its bed, and covers an average 2 bedroom house for approximately 4 weeks.

After this refills can be purchased to save money.

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