Vetgold Skin Cream

Vetgold Skin Cream

30g Tube
  • Legal Category: na
Suitable for: Cat , Dog , Equine
Other Categories: Skin Supplements & Shampoos
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VetGold Cream is a product designed to promote the natural healing of damaged, dry and irritated skin in dogs, cats and horses. It is formulated with all natural ingredients from the Dead Sea that are enriched with natural plant extracts, minerals and natural oils that help to rejuvenate and revitalise skin cells as well as supplying them with nourishment and moisture. The main ingredients in VetGold cream are: Avocado Oil, Propolis, Aloe Vera extract, Calendula and Dead Sea minerals. 
Avocado Oil supplies the skin with essential vitamins A, C, D, and E as well as high concentrations of essential proteins which improves the texture and consistency of dry and/or infected skin.
Propolis is a natural antibacterial substance that helps the natural healing process of skin damage.
Aloe Vera extract is renowned for its healing and soothing properties and provides rapid relief for itchy, irritated skin. It provides the body and skin with over 70 essential components such as vitamin B12, enzymes, proteins, minerals and amino acids. Calendula (or Marigold as it is commonly known) has been widely used to promote the natural healing of wounds and skin damage.
Dead Sea minerals are rich in Potassium Sodium & Magnesium. Potassium Sodium provides energy to new skin-cells and Magnesium helps to regulate skin-cell regeneration. They also contain Bromide which soothes and resolves problematic skin. Chloride helps balance body minerals and Calcium strengthens the texture of the skin and also acts as a pain relief. 

As the VetGold cream does not contain any non-organic medicinal chemicals (e.g. Cortisone, Steroids or Synthetic vitamins), there is no harm in using this cream over a prolonged period of time.

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