Activyl Spot-On Large cat

Activyl Spot-On Large cat

200mg (4 pipettes)
  • Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health
  • Legal Category: POM-V
Manufacturer's Full Product Information
Suitable for: Cat
Other Categories: Flea Control, Worming & Other Parasite Control
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Activyl Spot-on prevents and kills fleas in large cats weighing over 4 kg. It provides effective and long lasting treatment against fleas and can also be used in the treatment and management of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). Each pipette contains the ingredient Indoxacarb which kills fleas for up to 4 weeks after applied.
As well as killing adult fleas, Activyl Spot-on also helps to disrupt the flea life cycle by inhibiting the development of flea larvae in the environment.

Activyl Spot-on is currently the only flea treatment which benefits from metabolic activation (bioactivation). This means it is metabolised to its active form by flea enzymes after ingested by fleas, so minimises unnecessary chemical exposure to the pet or family.

Activyl Spot-on should be applied every 4 weeks for continued flea control. It is quick drying and fragrance-free.

If you would like more information on flea control for cats please see our healthcare centre page - Flea Control for Cats

Activyl Spot-on should be applied to the skin on the back of the neck (so your cat cannot lick it off). Avoid contact with other pets that could also lick the product. Animals should not swim or be bathed for 48 hours after application.

Activyl Spot-on comes in a range of sizes according to the weight of your pet. Click here for the full range.



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