Caninsulin 40 IU/ml

Caninsulin 40 IU/ml

10 x 2.5ml
3 x 2.5ml
  • Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health
  • Legal Category: POM-V
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Suitable for: Cat , Dog
Other Categories: Best Sellers , Diabetes
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Caninsulin 40IU/ml is a commonly used insulin product used to treat diabetes mellitus (insulin deficiency) in dogs and cats. It is an intermediate acting insulin product which will require administration once, or usually twice, daily.

It is available in the form of 2.5 and 10ml vials (dispensed according to the dose of insulin your pet is on). Both should be stored in the fridge, and both are suitable for multi-use with a shelf-life of 28 days once opened.

The dose will be altered on an individual basis by your vet to ensure adequate control of your pet’s diabetes.

Special Instructions & Dose

This is a temperature sensitive product so will be delivered via a next day courier. Please note that the delivery will arrive the morning following confirmation of dispatch and does require a signature on delivery. If the delivery is unsuccessful for any reason the product will not be useable as packaging secures the product at the correct temperature for 24 hours.

Caninsulin should be administered once or twice daily as prescribed, by injection under the skin (subcutaneous injection). Caninsulin must be administered with specific 40IU sterile single-use syringes and needles.

Before used the first time the vial should be shaken thoroughly until a uniformly milky suspension is obtained. After this, the vial should be inverted several times before each use.

Before the product is administered owners should have a box of powdered glucose or some honey at home. Signs of hunger, increasing anxiety, unstable locomotion, muscle twitching, stumbling and disorientation indicate progression of hypoglycaemia, and glucose and food should be administered restore blood glucose levels.

Accidental self-injection can provoke clinical signs of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar); if this occurs seek medical advice.

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