Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy

40ml refill x 2
Diffuser pack plus 40ml refill
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Other Categories: Behaviour , Fireworks & Phobias
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Pet Remedy Diffuser is a natural product that has been designed to help reduce stress and anxiety in your pet, as well as promoting calmness.

Effective in many species, Pet Remedy has shown to help dogs, cats, small mammals, horses, rodents and birds. It can even have a beneficial effect in humans!

Particularly effective in cases of separation anxiety, Pet Remedy works rapidly and the effects can be seen usually within 3 hours of being plugged in. The diffuser helps to calm your pet without the need of sedation. Stressed pets become more attentive, settled and receptive to their owners.

During stressful situations such as moving home, changes in the environment and fireworks night Pet Remedy can help to keep your pet calm and relaxed and prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Pet Remedy Diffuser slowly releases a unique blend of Vetivert, Sweet Basil, Valerian essential oil and Sage.  

Pet Remedy Diffusers can last up to 8 weeks and refills packs are also available. A spray is also available which can be applied directly on to your pet or surrounding areas.

Plug in the room where your pets spend most of their time for the maximum benefit. A diffuser covers 60 square metres / 650 square foot (which is an average floor in most houses)

Use as directed by the manufacturers instructions, Wash hands after use.

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