Libromide 325mg for Dogs

Libromide 325mg for Dogs

325mg (100 tablets)
325mg (500 tablets)
325mg (single tablets)
  • Manufacturer: Genitrix
  • Legal Category: POM-V
Manufacturer's Full Product Information
Suitable for: Dog
Other Categories: Epilepsy & Neurological
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Libromide 325mg tablets for dogs are used alongside phenobarbital products to treat animals with epilepsy.

Each tablet contains 325mg of the active ingredient Potassium Bromide which is used as part of anti-epileptic therapy.

Libromide is available in packs of 100 or 500 tablets, as well as being sold singularly.

Each tablet is plain white, circular and marked with a single scored line on one face. The tablets can be divided into halves.

Special Instructions & Dose

Do not use in dogs with severe renal insufficiency.

It is not recommended to use Libromide in dogs under 11kgs.

Do not abruptly discontinue therapy as this may precipitate seizures.

Tablets should always be administered with food.

The recommended dose rate is to give an initial dose of 15 mg/kg body weight twice daily (equivalent to a total daily dose of 30 mg/kg). Twice daily administration is advised in order to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disturbances. However, dose rates are always decided by the prescribing vet based on your dogs’ particular needs.

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