Malacetic Products

Malacetic Products

Conditioning Spray (230ml)
Aural Ear Cleaner (118ml)
Otic Wipes (100 pack)
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Shampoo (230ml)
  • Manufacturer: Dechra
  • Legal Category: na
Suitable for: Cat , Dog , Equine
Other Categories: Skin Supplements & Shampoos
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Malacetic is a range of conditioning products that have been designed to treat dry areas of the skin in cats and dogs.

All the products in this range are Hypo-allergenic and do not contain alcohol, making the range different to others on the market.

Malacetic Conditioning Spray
The Malacetic Conditioning Spray has a natural apple scent and combines boric and acetic acids with moisturising factors and essential fatty acids for skin nutrition.  The conditioner can also be used for localised cleansing in areas where yeast and bacteria have been identified.

Directions for use: Malacetic Conditioner can be used directly onto dry skin or wet. If using it on wet skin, remove the excess moisture from your pet’s coat and skin, part the hair and apply directly to the skin. Continue to groom your animal as normal.

Malacetic Shampoo
The Malacetic Shampoo is a cherry blossom scented shampoo designed to deodorise your cat or dog’s coat. Malacetic shampoo can also be used to help manage skin conditions such as scaling and crusting conditions.
The 2% acetic acid in Malacetic provides the shampoo with antibacterial properties. The addition of 2% boric acid treats the yeast so the Malacetic shampoo is particularly suitable if yeast and bacteria have been identified by your vet as the cause or part of your pet’s skin condition.

Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner
Malacetic Otic Ear Skin Cleaner is a natural otic solution that contains 2% acetic acid and 2% boric acid which gives the product antibacterial and anti-yeast properties. Gentle enough to be used regularly (up to two to three times daily), Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaner helps maintain good auricular health by gently removing wax as well as cleansing and drying the ear canal.

To use, apply a generous amount of Malacetic Otic Ear Cleaning solution to the ear. Then massage the base of the ear gently but firmly. Remove any excess solution using a cotton ball/wool pad.

Malacetic Wipes
Malacetic wipes are a viable alternative if you have great difficulty trying to shampoo your cat or dog. The MalAcetic wipes contain exactly the same ingredients (2% boric acid and 2% acetic acid) and properties as the shampoo; therefore, they have the same effect on the skin.
The only difference is that the wipes have an apple fragrance rather than the shampoo’s cherry blossom scent.

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