Pet healthcare


We all want our pets fit and healthy, but when they are not it can be a worrying time. We all dutifully listen to what the vet explains during the consultation, but it can sometimes be a lot to take in. So we’ve gathered a few posts to help run through some of the more common or prevalent pet health topics, so that you can read them at your leisure (without a pet wriggling on the examination table or pulling on the lead at reception)!


Zylkene- Natural Behavior Treatment

Cat Diseases & Illnesses
Chronic Kidney Failure In Cats
Heart Disease In Cats
Hyperthyroidism In Cats - Felimazole
Hyperthyroidism In Cats - Vidalta
Hyperthyroidism In Cats
Osteoarthritis In Cats

Feeding A Cat With Liver Failure

General Health
Cat Weight Tables
Dental Treatment For Cats
Flea Control For Cats - Frontline
Flea Control For Cats - Stronghold
Worming Your Cat


Diseases & Illnesses Of Dogs
Arthritis In Dogs Overview
Arthritis In Dogs - Cimalgex
Arthritis In Dogs - Meloxicam
Canine Elbow Dysplasia
Canine Kidney Failure
Diabetes In Dogs
Dry Eye - Keratoconjuntivitis Sicca And Optimmune
Epilepsy - Libromide
Heart Failure In Dogs - Cardisure
Heart Failure In Dogs - Vasotop
Heart Failure In Dogs - Benefortin
Heart Failure In Dogs Overview
Hip Dysplasia In Dogs
Skin Disease In Dogs And Atopic Dermatitis In Dogs - Atopica
Skin Disease In Dogs And Atopic Dermatitis In Dogs
Skin Disease In Dogs Overview
Urinary Incontinence In Bitches - Propalin
Urinary Incontinence In Bitches – Overview
Urinary Incontinence In Bitches - Incurin
Vomiting And Diarrhoea In Dogs

Behaviour & Training
Adaptil - Calming Pheromone
Zylkene- Natural Behavior Treatment

Feeding A Dog With Liver Failure
Feeding Neutered, Working And Pregnant Dogs

General Health
Dog Weight Tables
Elderly Dogs
Flea Control For Dogs - Advocate
Worming Your Dog

General Pet Disease And Illness Information

Poisonous Substances To Pets Common In Winter
Veterinary Terminology
Disposal Of Pet Medicines
General Pet Medication Information/Pet Drugs Side Effects & Contraindications

Rabbit Information

Rabbit Breed Information
Rabbit Parasite Control