Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use this website to purchase my pet's prescription drugs?
A. Please go to 'How to Use this Site' for a full explanation but in brief:

  • Find the products you require using the various search facilities
  • Order the products you require and pay for them at the checkout
  • Ask your vet to for a prescription. Upload, post, email or fax the prescription to us. If you have initially sent a digital copy - please then post the original to us within 14 days.
  • We will dispatch your products on receipt of the prescription.
  • We aim to dispatch orders within two working days.


Q. What are the benefits of purchasing prescription drugs from petprescription.co.uk?
A. You can make massive savings on the cost of your pet's healthcare. We supply a complete range of prescription and non-prescription products at significantly lower prices than your vet. Your pet can benefit from the very best drugs and you can save money. If your pet is on long-term medication for a long-term illness (such as heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, or a skin allergy) you could save hundreds of pounds over their lifetime by purchasing from petprescription.co.uk. Many insurance policies have limited cover that could go further if you purchase from petprescription.co.uk. We also have vets on hand to give you expert help and advice.

Q. Are the drugs petprescription.co.uk supply the same as those from my vet?
A. Yes - we source all our drugs from the same suppliers and the drugs you receive are exactly the same. We can only dispense exactly what your vet prescribes. We cannot offer a substitute.

Q. How can petprescription.co.uk supply the same drugs so much cheaper?
A. We have much lower running costs compared to a vet practice so we are able to pass on the savings to you. In addition we purchase many commonly used products in much larger quantities than vet practices therefore reducing the cost.

Q What is a Multibuy?
The Multibuy option is on our site so that when you need to buy a larger quantity of medicaiton you can save extra money using this option. The Multibuy shows '2' in the quantity box as you must purchase a minimum of two units in order to get the lower price per item.

Q. Is it legal to buy prescription only medicines for my pet online?
A. Yes. Government legislation (click here for more information) allows you to legally order your pet's medication online for petprescription.co.uk to dispense.

Q. What is a written prescription?
A. A written prescription is a form that allows us to dispense your pet's medication. It is very similar to the form you would receive from your doctor for a prescription. It must contain certain information including your name and address and your pet's name. It must also detail the medication to be dispensed, your vet’s name, address, qualifications and signature, and the date it was written. Like medications in humans, some animal medications are 'over the counter' medications that don't require a prescription, whereas others are only available with a valid prescription.

Q. How do I get a written prescription?
A. Simply ask your vet to write you one. Most vets will charge between £0-£15 to write a prescription which can be used (if specified) for up to 6 months. Alternitivly, you can download a prescription form by clicking on the red stop sign on the home page or against any prescription medicine. You will then need to ask your vet to complete this form and sign it. This can then be faxed, emailed or posted to us. It is helpful to note your order reference number at the top of the prescription. If you have faxed or emailed your prescription to us, the original should then be posted to us within 14 days.

Q. What do I do with my prescription?
A. You should send the completed and signed form to us as soon as possible via post, email or fax. If you have faxed or emailed the signed prescription to us, then you will need to post us the original within 14 days.

Q. Which products need a prescription and which do not?
A. All the products requiring a written script have the red stop icon next to them. Only the drugs in the legal category Prescription Only Medicine - Veterinary (POM-V) require a prescription from your vet.
POM-VPS and NFA-VPS can be prescribed by the staff at petprescription.co.uk providing your pet is registered with us.
Many prescription drugs are only effective for specific problems, and could even harm your pet if used without a veterinary exam and diagnosis. Making these drugs available as prescription-only medications ensures that they are used appropriately.

Q. Do I need a prescription for each order/drug?
A. No - you may ask your vet to list several medicines on a prescription for a specified animal. Separate prescriptions are required for different animals.
You may also ask your vet to write a repeat prescription - please see below.

Q. My dog is on long-term medication - how much can I buy at one time? Can I get a repeat prescription?
A. We can only supply what is specified on the prescription signed by your vet. If you wish to purchase larger quantities you should discuss this with your vet. You may also request that your vet allows the prescription to be repeated.
A prescription, whether repeated or not, is only valid for 6 months unless specified for a shorter period of time by your vet. Therefore if your pet is on long-term medication you could suggest a prescription for 2 months supply of the medication to be repeated three times. If your prescription is to be repeated we will email you when the repeat is due.
However, it will save you time and money if you purchase all your pet's medication on a prescription in one go!

Q. Do I need a prescription for prescription diets?
A. No - however we strongly recommend you seek the advice of your vet before feeding a therapeutic diet to your pet to ensure it is appropriate.
We can provide general advice about prescription diets, please contact us via the contact us page or email us at info@petprescription.co.uk.

Q. What postal service do you use?
A. We routinely send all items less than 2kgs via 1st Class Royal Mail. This costs £2.99 for orders under £39 and FREE for orders over £39. Anything weighing more than this is classed as a heavy order and costs £5.99 for orders under £75 and free for orders over £75. Orders over 5kgs are sent via Parcel Force Worldwide and heavy orders between 2kgs and 5kgs are sent via 1st Class Royal Mail. Most of our clients are ordering medication for long-term illness and order in plenty of time. However if you require your pet's medication more urgently you can upgrade the postal service to Special Delivery Next Day. Most of our clients find it more convenient not to use a signed for delivery, since they may not be present to receive and sign for the delivery. However if you would prefer to receive your pet's medication by Special Delivery you may upgrade. You may also request a Special Delivery on Saturdays. These upgrades can be added at the shopping cart stage of ordering. Please see our delivery information page for more information.

International Orders

Please note we can only ship general sales products outside of the UK. These products will have a legal category of 'NA'. To find the legal category of a product please search for the product and then click more info next to its image. The legal category is show just below the image on the product details page.

We cannot ship any prescription medication or flea & worming treatments outside of the UK with a legal category of POM-V, POM or POM-VPS.

If you have any queries regarding products and if we can send them to you please call us on 01473 222 392 or email us info@petprescription.co.uk


Q. Can my vet refuse to complete and sign a prescription?
A. Your vet is obliged to provide a written prescription on request; there is usually a 'reasonable' charge made by your vets for writing a prescription. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) are monitoring the charges vets are levying. If you feel you are being overcharged or discriminated against by requesting a written prescription you should contact the Office of Fair Trading.

Q. Can my vet insist on my pet having a check-up or tests every time I need a prescription?
A. Your vet should request that your pet has periodic health checks or tests. In order to prescribe prescription only medicine drugs (POM-V) your pet should be examined sufficiently frequently for the vet to have personal knowledge of your pet's illness. It is also important that your vet ensures your pet is responding appropriately to the medication and there are no undue side effects.
The frequency of examinations will therefore be dependent on the seriousness of your pet's condition and the effectiveness of the treatment. For most pets on long-term medication the frequency of such examinations would normally be every 3-6 months. However, your vet cannot request more frequent health checks compared to if he was directly supplying the medication to you.

Q. Can I claim back the cost of medicines purchased from petprescription.co.uk?
A. Yes - just print off an invoice after logging into your account, or photocopy the one we send with the order, and send it in with your insurance claim. If your insurance company wants us to verify a claim, please send us an insurance claim form with your part completed and a stamp addressed envelope to the insurance company and we will be happy to complete our part and forward it to them.

Q. I have seen some product information or information on an illness that may be relevant to my pet - what should I do?
A. For information about prescription medicines you should consult your vet. For medicines that fall into POM--VPS and NFA-VPS we would be happy to provide information, please contact us

Q. What are the possible side effects of any particular drug?
A. Please visit the Pet Health Care Advice Centre or visit the National Office of Animal Health website (www.noah.co.uk) which lists all the information supplied by a manufacturer of a licensed drug including side effects and contraindications etc. If you have any queries please free to ask our qualified vets through the contact us page, or if urgent please speak to your local veterinary surgery.

Q What should I do if I see any side effects?
If in any doubt regarding side effects or problems whether associated with medication or illness - ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR VETERINARY SURGEON. We can provide advice regarding possible side effects but we cannot make a diagnosis or provide specific individual case advice. Your pet will always remain under the care of the prescribing veterinary surgeon.

Q How do I confirm the registration status of the staff dispensing medication at Pet Prescription Ltd?
The RQP's at Pet Prescription Ltd are as follows;

Veterinary Surgeons:
Mr Simon James Bagnall BVetMed MRCVS check registration
Mr Charles Bagnall BVSc MRCVS check registration

Animal Health Advisors:
Miss Lauren Wiseman CSQP check registration
Mrs Kathryn Garnham RSQP check registration

Q How do I report an adverse reaction to a veterinary medication?
If you notice any adverse reaction to a veterinary medication, either to your pet, another animal, or yourself in the administration of the medicine, you are encouraged to report it to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

Q How do I make a complaint to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD)?
If you would like to make a complaint to the VMD you can contact them directly via the details on their website.



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