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Panacur Equine Guard

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Panacur Equine Guard

Panacur Equine Guard is a broad-spectrum worming treatment and preventative for common intestinal parasites.
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Panacur Equine Guard is a liquid worming treatment designed to treat and control adult and immature roundworms of the gastro-intestinal tract in horses and other equines.

The product contains Fenbendazole, and is effective in removing tissue and migrating larval stages of large redworm. Panacur Equine Guard also treats encysted inhibited mucosal larvae of small redworm; adult large and small redworms and pinworms.

Panacur Equine Guard is a 5 day course treatment, and 5ml of liquid is equivalent to 65kg in bodyweight. The required dose should then be given daily for 5 consecutive days. One bottle will treat a horse weighing up to 600kg, and should be administered orally either by mixing it in with food or by syringing directly into the horses mouth.

Direct contact with the skin should be kept to a minimum. Wear suitable protective clothing including impermeable rubber gloves. Wash hands after use.

Important: In order to purchase this product you will be required to provide the following information about your animal(s):

(i) The weight of the heaviest animal to be treated

(ii) If the animal is a horse, to confirm if it has or has not been signed out of the food chain

In addition, by accepting our terms and conditions at the point of sale, you are confirming that you have a) used this product before, b) are aware of all relevant and necessary safety precautions, c) will only use the product for its authorised purpose and d) will read all product literature.

What our vet says

"Worming your horse is an important part of its basic care routine. This product treats and controls adult and immature roundworms. You mix it into your horses food or directly into its mouth using the syringe provided. Speak to your vet about how to target certain parasites at different times of the year."