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Otoclean Ear Cleaner

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Otoclean Ear Cleaner is used in cats and dogs for the routine maintenance of ear hygiene and the prevention of otitis
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Otoclean Ear Cleaner

Otoclean Ear Cleaner is used in cats and dogs for the routine maintenance of ear hygiene, the prevention of otitis and for instillation into the ear canal before the use of otitis externa treatment.

Otoclean used in the ear canals as directed: breaks up and removes cerumen, prevents and controls irritation,controls the ear canal microflora (Malassezia), has a cleaning effect on the ear canal (dead cells secretions), has an antipruritic effect and a moisturising effect.

Use only as directed, Instill Otoclean into each of the dogs or cats ear canals in sufficient quantities for the animals size: Large animals Instill one bottle (5 ml) into each ear / Medium-sized and small animals Instill half a bottle (2.5 ml) into each ear. In animals which have a large collection of dirt or wax an unpleasant odour is usually noticed coming from the ears -  instill Otoclean into each ear canal every 24 hours for up to 8 consecutive days until complete cleanliness of the ear canal is obtained.

Both ears should be treated with Otoclean and preferably left for 30 minutes before applying a medicinal ear solution.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Otocelan is often recommended by vets to help keep your pet's external ear canal free of dirt and wax. The individual little bottles of solution are small and easy to use. Treat both ears for 8 consecutive days."