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Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs

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A supplement for dogs to give healthy skin and a glossy coat, helping to overcome a range of skin issues.
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Product Details

Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs contains Omega 3 and essential fatty acids which nourish the skin and promotes healthy coats. It is available in 150g or 300g pots.
Key benefits are: encourages hair and nail growth; supports a shiny coat; nourishes and soothes dry irritated skin.

Loading Rate (7days)
Small Dogs Under 10kg 1 scoop daily
Medium Dogs 11 - 20kg 2 scoops daily
Large Dogs 21 - 30kg 3 scoops daily
X-Large Dogs Over 31kg 4 scoops daily

Once you have completed the first 7 days you will need to half the loading rate for the maintenance rate e.g. dogs up to 10kg only feed half a scoop per day.
Ingredients: Hydrolysed Poultry Protein, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Fenugreek seed, Salmon oil, Liquorice, Chlorella (dried), Yam root, Glutamine peptide, Linseed oil, Artichoke leaves, Starch (pre-gelatinised from Triticum sp), Calcium carbonate.