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Lypex Capsules

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Lypex contains pancreatic enzymes (lipase, amylase and proteases) so it can be of use in dogs and cats that would benefit from additional pancreatic enzyme supplementation.
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Product Details

Lypex Capsules

Many dogs and cats suffer from exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and malabsorption syndromes resulting in weight loss, polyphagia and excessive faeces production; however, Lypex supplements these conditions.

Its capsules contain unique enteric-coated pellets which protect the active enzymes from acid digestion and ensure high concentrations reach the small intestine through improved absorbtion in the gut. 


For dogs over 10kg one capsule should be given with each meal (twice a day) / for cats and dogs under 10kg, one capsule per day.

The total daily amount should be divided equally between feeds. The level may be adjusted as required by your veterinary surgeon.  

The capsule should be sprinkled on the food.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Lypex capsules are a great feed supplement for assisting effective digestion. Open up the capsules and sprinkle the content over your pet's food. The capsules aren't meant to be given whole. Many of our clients have reported a real difference in their pet's condition after using Lypex. Remember to read the dosage instructions carefully."