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Loxicom Oral Suspension for Dogs

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Loxicom Oral Suspension for Dogs is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used for the treatment of pain relating to musculo-skeletal disorders including arthritis. 

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Product Details

Please note this product requires a written prescription.

Loxicom for dogs is available in either a 10ml, 32ml or 100ml bottle.

Loxicom 1.5mg/ml oral suspension for dogs is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID), which is used to help manage arthritis in dogs as well as acting as a pain relief for those who suffer from chronic (long-term) or acute (short-term) musculo-skeletal disorders such as sprained muscles.

Loxicom is also used in a number of other diseases and illnesses to alleviate inflammation and reduce any pain that your dog is suffering from. It is often used as a post-operative pain relief to help reduce any pain and discomfort.

Joint Supplement are often used alongside Loxicom. Products which contain glucosamine can help to further support the joints and cartilage. We have a wide range of Joint Supplements available in the Joint Supplement section of our website.

Loxicom is also available as chewable tablets for dogs, a suspension for cats and a paste for horses.

Special Instructions & Dose

Loxicom is a pale-yellow oral suspension which contains the active ingredient Meloxicam in the form of a flavoured liquid, avoiding the need to give tablets.

The suspension is easy to give and should be administered with food (unless otherwise advised by your veterinary surgeon) using the syringe provided. Syringes are marked kilograms and doses are based according to the dog’s bodyweight.

Usually given once daily, improvement is normally seen in the dog 3-4 days after starting treatment with Loxicom.

Do not use Loxicom for dogs in pregnant or lactating bitches, dogs less than 6 weeks old, or dogs suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, impaired kidney, heart or liver function.

If vomiting or diarrhoea occurs as a side effect of Loxicom during treatment then consult your vet.

Ensure you have weighed your dog accurately, especially if small, to ensure accurate dosing of Loxicom.

Shake bottle before use.


It is available in
  • 10ml, 32ml and 100ml bottles.


  • Active Ingredient

Can be administered directly into the mouth or can be added to their food. It is supplied with 2 dosing syringes to ensure accurate dosing. It is advised to give 0.1mg of Loxicom per 1kg bodyweight every 24 hours.

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