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Laxapet is a gel used as a hairball constipation remedy.
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A highly palatable malt based gel which as well as being a hairball constipation remedy also contains supplemental vitamins, fish oil and lecithin for dogs and cats for hairball and general regular movement.

Each 5 grams of Laxapet contains: petrolatum BP 2g, Lecithin 250mg,cod liver oil 65mg, vitamin A 800iu, thiamine hydrochloride 0.25mg, riboflavin 0.15mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.2mg, cyanocobalamin 0.5mcg with sodium benzoate BHA.

Dosage: Cats: 2.5g to 5g per day for two or three days then 1g to 2.5g three times weekly (2.5g is about half a medicine measure).

Directions for use: CATS: squeeze directly from the tube onto cat's nose, tongue or front paw- it will be readily licked off.

DOGS:  use double the cat dosage administered directly into the mouth or mixed into food and then repeat when necessary.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Hairballs are not good news for your cats and dogs. Laxapet gel will help eliminate any ingested fur and soften their stools. Pop a little in your pet's nose, tongue or paw for them to lick off. The gel is quite palatable for them. Please read the dosage instructions before you administer this."